If you’re a lover of snow sports, specifically skiing such as I, you may need to prepare your body
for the months ahead. Skiing is aphysically demanding sportwhich requires four basic kinds
of movement: 1) balancing movements 2) edging movements 3) rotary movement and
4) pressure control movements. Your lower body (ankle, knees, hips and low back) is primarily
responsible for balance and edging movements. A combination of opposite rotary forces
through your upper and lower body is responsible for rotary movement.  For pressure control
movementsa delicate balance between weight distribution, flexing and extending joints in
your lower body and changing the angle of your skis are required.

When internal problems such as improper movements, muscle weakness/imbalances and
previous injuries are combined with external factors such as other skiers, bad snow
conditions and improperly serviced equipment injuries can arise. The most common
injuries that are seenin the alpine skiing community are knee ligament injuries
usually due to falls and head injuries due to collisions. So before the beginning of
every ski season properly inspect and service your equipment. Secondly, here’s a list
of exercises that you can perform before the season beginning to prep your body for the physical stress of skiing and help prevent injuries.
1)Goblet Squat with Theraband
Wrap a theraband around both
-Hold a kettlebell as shown close to
your chest
-Start standing and squat so your
thighs are parallel with the floor
-Keep the KB and chest upright and
back engaged
-Reps: 12-15
-Sets: 3
2)Plank on Swiss Ball
Begin with feet on swiss ball and
position yourself on your elbows
-Body is parallel with the floor
-Lock out knees and lower hips
-Hold: 20 sec – 1 min
-Sets: 3
3)Bosu Balance Squats with Medicine Ball Chop
-Balance on bosu ball and
lower into a squat
-Bring med ball head level and
chop at an angle towards
opposite hip
-Repeat at opposite angle
-Reps: 8-10
-Sets: 3
Progression: Single Leg Squat on Bosu Ball with Med Chop
-Place one foot at centre of
bosu ball and lower into a
-Follow steps above
Knee Balance on Swiss Ball
Start close to a wall in for safety
-Slowly place both knees onto swiss
-Bring arms out wide for balance
-Hold: 20 sec – 1 min
-Progression: eyes closed for 20 sec –1 min
Do theses exercises for a 3-4 week period 3x/week to build up your balance and core strength for the ski season ahead.
Book and appointment with your Active Health Institute specialist today to assess any current injuries that can prevent you
from enjoying the winter season ahead!