Bike Fitting

Starting 2021, Active Health Institute in Hintonburg is excited to provide professional, high quality, detail-oriented bike fitting services to competitive cyclists and triathletes, mountain bikers, as well as casual weekend warriors just looking to feel better on the bike.

Our process starts by performing a comprehensive examination of each body segment to identify every individual’s particular biomechanical make up. Measurements are taken in weight-bearing, semi-weight bearing and non-weight bearing to get the most accurate results. Our precise understanding of compression, tension and shearing on the body while riding prevents injury! This translates into less repetitive strain on the body and more comfortable, pain free miles on the bike (note: not responsible for self-inflicted pain while attacking Pink Lake!)

Every fit is performed by a licensed physiotherapist who are former and current elite cyclists. James and Alyssa use their knowledge of the human body combined with his experience on knarly single track and road racing all over the world to satisfy every cyclist’s needs, big or small.

We don’t just fit you; we teach you how to be a better cyclist and that’s what makes the real difference. Don’t be side-lined due to injury – gain that competitive edge you have always wanted! Let us help you achieve your best year on the road/path/trail/mountain to date!

Bike Fit Prices:

  • Bike Fit: $410.00
  • Pre-Purchase Fit: $379.50
  • 2nd Bike Fit: $287.50

* For descriptions of all above services please go to the BOOK NOW button and select James or Alyssa to find service specifics