Alyssa Hillaby

  • Physiotherapist
  • Professional Bike Fitter
  • Complete Concussion Management
  • Bi-lingual
  • Dry Needling

Growing up in the Rockies Alyssa brings her passion for the outdoors to the Active Health Institute. Before moving to Ottawa to complete he master’s degree in Physiotherapy at the university of Ottawa she spent her time doing mountain and endurance sports. She mainly competed as a high-level ski racer for over 10 years where she was introduced to cycling and running through dryland training. In order to pursue an academic career, she retired from skiing but continues to this day to spend her summers on the bike. During her bachelor at St.FX university her passion for competition continued where she swam on the swim team. She also started honing her skills as a coach through the strength and conditioning program where she worked with both the men’s varsity football and basketball teams. In her last year of studies, she was one of a select few in her graduating year to present an honours thesis at the Atlantic conference for sports and exercise scientists. Now living in Ottawa Alyssa enjoys working in the region as a physio or one the road with collage sports teams. In her free time you can find her out on her bike or participating in endurance events such as marathons and Ironman’s.

Alyssa’s background in competitive sport shaped her philosophy both as a physiotherapist and bike fitter. She has a particular interest in women’s sport and performance and brings a unique perspective to the bike fitting community being one of the only women fitters in the region. As physiotherapist, she subscribes to the idea that movement is medicine and wants to help people achieve their goals whether that’s training for their first triathlon or just being strong enough to carry hockey equipment around.