Do you suffer from frequent headaches? Although certain factors that lead to head pain cannot be altered, such as your genetics, physiotherapy can help treat headaches that are caused by poor posture, decreased neck range of motion, muscle tension and tightness of your neck and shoulders. Many individuals that suffer from neck problems commonly report increased frequency of headaches, unaware that there is often a connection between the two. 

At Active Health Institute, your Physiotherapist will perform an evaluation to determine what exactly may be causing the problem. If it is determined that the headaches are originating from the neck and shoulder region, your Physiotherapist may make use of various treatment methods. Since every patient is different, their treatment may vary person to person as their headaches may be caused by something unique. Treatment could include: soft tissue, joint mobilizations of the back, neck, shoulder blades and ribs, cervical traction, muscle release, therapeutic strengthening and stretching, therapeutic taping, and acupuncture to name a few.

Just as the causes of neck pain can be unique to each individual, the length of physiotherapy treatment varies from person to person. Some patients may require a few weeks of therapy if they have more severe limitations in range of motion and strength.  However, in most cases, physiotherapy for headaches that are musculoskeletal in nature can be extremely effective and have a quick recovery time. If you have had persistent chronic tension headaches they may not go away completely until they are addressed with therapy.  If you feel you may suffer from tension headaches, physiotherapy or a visit to another one of our healthcare practitioners at Active Health Institute can provide you with the relief you need.