Kinesio Tape, K-Tape, Rock Tape; has become quite popular in the sporting/manual therapy community. Kinesio Tape was first developed by a Japanese chiropractor Dr. Kenzo Kase back in the 1970’s. Yet it has only garnered attention from the general public after the 2008 Beijing Olympics, when many of the Olympic athletes began to sport the colorful look of the tape during their respective events. Since then, Kinesio tape can be seen being used in almost every major sporting league. 

The tape is meant to stimulate several different processes in the body depending on how the tape is applied to the body. There are 6 different ways Kinesio tape can influence the body;

1)     Mechanical Correction: this corrective technique utilizes the stretch properties of the tape to provide inward pressure resulting in positional stimuli through the skin.

2)     Fascia Correction: to create and/or gather fascia in order to properly align the tissue in the desired position.

3)     Space Correction: To create more “space” directly above an area of pain, inflammation, edema or swelling.

4)     Ligament/Tendon Correction: to increase stimulation over a ligament or tendon in order to stimulate mechanoreceptors. The stimulus is believed to increase proprioception to increase the stimulation of normal tissues.

5)     Functional Correction: to create stimulation to either restrict or assist a movement. This application acts as a pre-load during end range motion positions.

6)     Lymphatic Correction: used to create areas of decreased pressure that is used to channel the exudate to the nearest lymph duct. The base is usually applied near the lymph node where the exudate is to be directed and applied in a fan-like pattern.

Basically, Kinesio Tape can be used to augment movement, protect muscles and joints, decrease pain, swelling and bruising. Chiropractor’s and Physiotherapist’s at Active Health Institute are able to assess and determine the correct ways of applying the Kinesio Tape to get the best results possible. Make an appointment today to feel the benefits of Kinesio Taping!