In the past few months, we have been receiving a lot of questions in regards to chiropractic, varying philosophies, clinic structures and ideals.  In an attempt to address some of these concerns, here are a few FAQ and what you can expect from our AHI chiropractors.

  1. Are all chiropractors the same?
  • NO!  The definition of a chiropractor according to the Ontario Chiropractic Association is; a manual approach, providing diagnosis, treatment and preventive care for disorders related to the spine, pelvis, nervous system and joints. Having said that, the system of evaluation, type of treatment, and even underlying values and theories can be very different from one chiropractor to another.

At AHI, we practice an evidence based approach to chiropractic, utilizing treatment and assessment methods from the most up to date medical, chiropractic and manual medicine journals.

  1. Why does my current chiropractor want me to continue to come in for treatments even though I don’t have pain?
  • Continuing care after an injury is called maintenance care or supportive care.  The reason to suggest this type of care can vary, from injury prevention to overall spinal health.

At AHI, there are 2 main reasons for patients to pursue maintenance care or supportive care. Firstly, patients with chronic conditions who get relief with regular chiropractic care and/or patients whose activities of daily living affect their overall physical health, who find benefit with regular chiropractic treatment.  The one commonality between these patients is that treatment is “elective” and not insisted or forced on the patients.

  1. Do I have to sign a contract or pay for a package of treatments to become a patient?
  • Some clinics will have packages, monthly fees or even yearly contracts.  Although, some of these methods are legal according to the Canadian College of Chiropractors of Ontario, no chiropractor can refuse you treatment should you want to pay for each individual session (pay as you go) and forgo the package or contract.

At AHI, we do not believe in packages or contracts. Your treatment plan will be based on how you respond to each individual treatment.  There is no way of knowing if a patient is going to need 2 treatments or 20.  Hence, this is a fee for service clinic, which means you pay for the service only once it has been rendered.

  1. Do I need to have X-rays at the initial visit or any follow-up visits?
  • Certain chiropractors use x-ray’s as a way of evaluating the spine.

At AHI, we do not take x-rays with each patient.  As an evidence based clinic, it has been shown that there is no value in exposing patients to radiation for no reason.  Most musculoskeletal conditions can and should be diagnosed using a regular history and physical exam, incorporating range of motion, orthopedic testing, manual muscle testing and neurological testing.

5.  Are all chiropractic treatments the same and do they all last the same amount of time?

  • No. Although all chiropractors are trained and qualified to perform adjustments (also known as “manipulation), of the spine, pelvis and joints many chiropractors have specialties in additional techniques used to treat patients.

At AHI, we recognize that not all patients respond to the same treatment, as each patient is different. Our chiropractors are certified in many treatment modalities in order to provide our patients the most effective care. These treatments include; medical acupuncture, custom foot orthotics, exercise prescription, manipulation/mobilization, Active Release Techniques (ART) and other soft tissue therapies. Depending on the complexity of the condition and the treatment modalities, treatment can last anywhere between 10-30min.