How a few simple dietary changes can greatly reduce your chance at developing disease

We live in age of convenience, where food is available in so many ready-to-go forms, from powder to liquid shakes to neatly packed frozen meals. Food has become so accessible that you don’t even have to leave your car to order, pick-up, and consume an entire meal! What’s the point of all this convenience food? The obvious answer is to reduce stress. What the average consumer may not know, however, is that choosing the wrong foods can actually cause more stress on your body . Everything you eat has to be taken apart and re-assembled into a form that your body can use. When you think of all the processing that occurs to our food supply, you begin to appreciate how hard your body must work to un-process all this processed food. It is important to think of your food as fuel rather than just food; your body would much prefer the premium fuel, and it will perform much better if you fuel it right!

The World Cancer Research Fund promotes certain recommendations for reducing your risk of cancer through diet. By eating five servings of a variety of non-starchy vegetables and of fruits, limiting your red meat intake to less than 500g (18oz) per week, limiting salt consumption, as well as avoiding sugary drinks, and limiting alcohol consumption, you can greatly reduce your risk of cancers such as colorectal cancer.

You can make healthier choices that are convenient as well. Preparing larger meals and freezing the leftovers can reduce your prep times for nights where it is not realistic to cook a meal from scratch [glass containers are best for freezing and heating]. Smoothies in the morning can be a great opportunity to squeeze in a few servings of fruits and vegetables. Try adding frozen broccoli to your blueberry and banana smoothies; the blueberries mask the flavour of broccoli, and adds a healthier punch to your breakfast. Having a plan for meals and snacks can help you portion your meals more appropriately and will save you money at the grocery store. Making simple changes to your nutritional program can make a big difference in your overall stress level, and greatly reduce your chance of disease. Remember that stress isn’t just the things that happen on the outside; fuel your body with foods as close to nature as possible to optimize your health and improve your quality of life.