Most Canadians spend most of their time completely inactive.

Only 15% of Canadian adults exercise enough to get health benefits.  StatsCan
released a report January 19th demonstrating that adults are simply not moving
enough.  A sedentary lifestyle comprised of sitting at the office desk, sitting
at the dinner table, sitting on the couch watching tv, then lying and sleeping
simply is not enough to keep Canadians healthy.

Following the report on CBC (,  the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology released the new Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines on Monday, January 24th 2011.   The new guidelines provide a minimum target to gain substantial health benefit. In conjunction to promoting aerobic activity, the guidlines also stress the importance of exercises that encourage muscle and bone strength for all ages.  You can read the guidelines at;

What does this all mean for you?  Stand up. Stretch. Take the stairs!

It all counts to prevent illness and keep
you smiling. To get even further benefit from exercise and prevent disease, talk
to your healthcare provider.  You need to take action now!