Rehabilitation & Movement

Here at Active Health Institute we differ ourselves from other clinics by our movement methodologies. We find that the movement / rehabilitation component of our patients recovery plan is just as (if not more) important that the manual therapy side.

Our practitioners will spend the necessary time with you explaining individual concepts about exercise, rehab or performance. Whether you are a competitive powerlifter, triathelete, hockey player, weekend warrior or are coming back from post-operarive surgery, our practitioners will point you in the right direction.

We have all the important pieces or equipment to help guide you. Squat rack, pull up bar, free weights, treadmill, stationary bike, power bands, and balance beam just to name a few.

Once a plan is made, we will either record your plan on your phone using video, write them down or send them to your email using a program called Physitrack. We will do anything and everything to get you moving well and moving often!