Ever think what your golf warm-up should incorporate before a day on the links? No? Have you even thought about warming-up before hand? No? Well not too worry, the majority of recreational golfers do not and those that do, do not do it effectively.

Golf has not been known for it’s incredible athleticism and you do not need to be in particularly good shape to enjoy a day on the links. However, if you ever tune into a PGA tour tournament these days you will notice quite an upswing in the way pro golfers treat their bodies. You do not need to devote as much of your time as the pros, but a little time before you step onto the tee-off block will help you out tremendously. Here are a few warm-up stretches and exercises you can do before your next round.

1. Dynamic Hip Swings

  • Find a wall to support your upper body
  • Swing one leg form side-to-side 10 times each direction
    • Switch legs
  • Turn to face sideways and swing the inside leg forwards and backwards 10 times each direction
    • Switch legs

IMG_2406 IMG_2407


2. Hip flexor stretch with golf club

  • Place your golf club along the tops of your shoulders
  • Kneel on one knee and lunge forward slightly to induce a stretch in the front of the extended hip
  • Squeeze your buttocks (glutes) to increase the stretch even more
  • Hold for 15-20 seconds on each side









3. Hamstring stretch with golf club

  • Place golf club along spine, this is to keep the back straight through the stretch
  • Place one foot on a bench and slightly bend the knee
  • Lean forward keeping your back straight and bending at the hips (hip hinge)
  • Hold: 20-30 seconds on each side









4. Core rotation with golf club

  • Place golf club behind mid-back and hold with elbows
  • Position body as in start position with ball in front of you
  • Rotate upper body side-to-side
  • 10 times each way



5. Chest stretch with golf club

  • While holding a golf club (driver preferably for length)
  • Extend arms above head while slightly bending elbows to induce stretch in your chest
  • Hold: 20-30 seconds for 2 sets









6. Tricep stretch with golf club

  • Hold grip of golf club with the arm to stretch
  • Grab the head of the club with opposite hand close to buttocks
  • Pull down on the head to induce stretch in the triceps
  • Hold: 20-30 seconds for each arm